A few weeks ago I spent a sunny Sunday with one of my closest buddies Emily from taking pictures of my house and the homes of some of the clients I have been working with. Emily is such a talented photographer and it is amazing to watch her work, she will do anything to get the best image (I wish I had a camera so I could show you pictures of her standing on tables and laying on the floor to the get the shot)!  I learned a ton about light and photography, of course not even scratching the surface of what she knows.

I love the shots of the Country White dining room. She captured such great images of the small details that I love to spend time on when I am staging…Thanks Em, you are truly an inspiration!

c21-Found Designs-72.jpgc34-Found Designs-96.jpgc97-Found Designs-97.jpgFound Designs-20.jpgFound Designs-52.jpgFound Designs-68.jpgFound Designs-69.jpgFound Designs-74.jpgchairs small.jpgflowers 2 small.jpgcup small.jpgcups small.jpgdetails 3.jpgflowers small.jpglemons small.jpglinen small.jpg